Wingspire Capital Exceeds $1 billion in Commitments After Just Two Years of Operations

ATLANTA – JAN. 25, 2022 — Wingspire Capital LLC (“Wingspire”) achieved a milestone of exceeding $1 billion in commitments in just its second year of operations as it provided more than $600 million in senior secured financing commitments for 2021.

Wingspire’s 2021 transactions ranged in size from $40 million to $200 million and included tailored “one-stop” financing solutions such as revolving lines of credit, cash flow loans, fixed asset term loans and other hybrid financing solutions.

“In just two short years, Wingspire Capital has become a lender of choice for middle market companies that are searching for creativity, agility and certainty to close,” David Wisen, CEO and Co-Founder of Wingspire Capital. “We are proud to work with sponsors, management teams and financial intermediaries on bespoke solutions that help them meet their growth goals, and we look forward to expanding our firm and our product offerings in response to the needs of our clients.”

In addition to funding 10 transactions in 2021, Wingspire Capital also established a dedicated Equipment Finance lending platform; expanded its team by adding professionals in originations, underwriting, portfolio management and capital markets; established a Boston office to complement its existing offices in Atlanta, Chicago & New York Metro; and re-designed its website at